The name

jonkeane の mokkō is a blend of my name and the Japanese word for woodworking (木工, romanized mokkō). Part of my journey to start woodworking on my own was admiring the simplicity in finished form, with complexity in joinery and other elements that I found in Japanese woodworking and design.

About me

A linguist by training, and software engineer by profession I started to get into woodworking and furniture making a few years ago as a way to relax and destress while still building something. I’ve been inspired by and learned from a number of other woodworkers Tamar at 3x3 Custom especially her YouTube videos, Jonathan Katz-Moses at KM Tools, Jon Billing at Big Sand Woodworking


Everything I make is a purpose built and generally custom designed for. I design each piece I make, taking inspiration from others and the world around me. I love designing a piece that beautifully fits a niche while showing off the beauty of natural materiels.